AR CRO is providing staff with specific about the skills you need/foresee, and guarantee skillset availability, defined experience levels of staff according to your project requirements to improve organisational quality at all levels.

  • Administrative Staff
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Clinical Trial Assistant
  • Clinical Site Coordinator
  • Data Entry Personnel
  • Study  Nurse Support
  • Medical İnformatics Specialist
  • Data Reporting Specialist
  • Congress&Meeting Specialist
  • Pharmaceutist
  • Medical Records Technician

The key success factor is we compose special teams for projects and sponsors. We delegate Site Management Organization Lead for  projects . Client could contact directly with SMO Lead according to site needs and actions can be taken more rapidly by operational management.  We minimize negative impacts via good communication, clear up common misconceptions &fears early to ensure optimum performance.

Our advantages are;

  • Operational Expertise
  • Improve flexibility to meet changing business conditions
  • Access to talent
  • Reducing Staff Management
  • Reducing Timelines